The YadaMag Readers Choice Awards holds every year in celebration of Yada’s anniversary. Here we feature artists, blogs and bloggers that have been featured on our site for the past year and our readers select their winners. Every year, different online magazines and websites conduct their own Readers Choice Awards but ours is a bit different. The concept is simple: every year, we feature artists, authors, music, discover the underdogs in the creative industry and also interview diverse personalities in all aspects of life and these people impact our readers in many ways. Some help them discover talents they never had. Others cause them to go against all odds and chase their dreams. So even though it may seem like the Readers Choice Awards is about celebrating “personalities”, it is more about the Readers of Yada Magazine saying thank you in their own special way to this people.

How are the nominees selected?

The Yada Magazine team selects the nominees for the awards. Since Yada Magazine is a Faith Based Website, we nominate the works of  people whose lives and works can impact our unique audience positively.

For the 2011 Winners,  click here

For the 2012 Winners, click here

For the  2014 Winners, click here


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