Daydreaming is a common aspect of life that usual shows itself in the midst of idleness, boredom or distractions. Our minds are whisked away to other worlds or situations, memories or fantasies that hold some significance in our minds, keeping us detached from our present reality.

It is generally regarded as a waste of time, and people who spend a lot of time daydreaming are generally considered apathetic, lazy, and unfocused. However, recent research shows that the contrary holds true -occasional daydreaming may serve an important purpose in creativity, problem-solving, and developing higher working memory. This is because daydreaming allows certain ideas and problems to “marinate” in our unconscious minds, allowing us to think of new possibilities and solutions, even when we aren’t working on the task directly. It can prove particularly useful in helping an individual realise his/her goals/dreams, and revealing one’s truest hopes, desires and fear.

However, daydreaming can be detrimental if it distracts you from activities that actually require your full attention, as it can cause avoidable mistakes or lack of attention to detail. As such, it is important that one remains focused and not let his/her mind drift off to things unrelated to the present situation or task.

I have experienced other negative aspects of daydreaming in my personal life. I’m a very ambitious person and as such I tend to spend a lot of time fantasizing about my future in areas of career, lifestyle, family, cars, and so on. However, I have come to the realization that, while my daydreaming keeps me synced with the future I want, it has sometimes led to unnecessary worry and a whole lot of what-if’s. It has caused me to sometimes be unaware, ungrateful and unappreciative of my current position in life; not be content, not feeling living in the moment and not absorbing my surroundings. There is greatness in our present condition and situation and yes, God is still doing more, but it us very easy to miss this with excessive daydreaming.

I’m taking conscious steps order to overcome this. I try to bring myself back to earth when I find myself drifting off; and when it gets too much I snap out of it immediately. I have also started focusing on my present life and living in the moment, take the time to be appreciative of my circumstances, and engaging in fun activities.

I hope we can all daydream without having to encounter the negative side to the act. Enjoy life and appreciate it!

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