I’ve always wanted to write something like this but never had the opportunity and now that I have one, I’m going to use it to the glory of God. The world we live in today has changed so much that people act wrongly and deem it right; they sin and claim they are spirit-filled.

There is this popular saying, YOLO (You Only Live Once), people quote every time they need to remind themselves how they possibly have to do every unrighteous thing on earth, they use it as an excuse to indulge in immoral and sinful acts but they fail to bear in mind the fact that if you live once, you die once. The bible says in Hebrew 9:27, that it has been appointed unto each and every one of us to die once and after death, judgement.

So I ask, why destroy your eternal life over a temporary one, when life on earth is just for a while? We would all wither away at night (Psalm 90: 5b, 6) but most importantly is the life after death, the kind of life that would be eternal with God, the life that has no pain, no suffering or weeping.

You only live once but living with and in God is eternal and Matthew 6:33 explains the best way to attain this eternal life. Instead of using this saying as an excuse for sinning against God why not use it as an opportunity to win souls for God and doing things to the glory of God. If you are going to live once why not live every bit of it for God, why not use this life to guarantee the eternal life in heaven because once you die you won’t have the chance to live it all over.

For when the trumpet sounds, when the world comes to an end, what would be your gain? Would it be how many girls you dated? Or how many degrees you bagged? Or how many expensive cars, houses and clothes you owned? What exactly will guarantee you that eternal life? The bible says in Matthew 24: 35 that the whole world would pass away so why bother about worldly things. Paul said in Philippians 3:13 and 14 that he’d press only towards the things which are above and as Christians that should be our ultimate goal.

However, do not get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t aspire to be a success in life but not at the expense of your faith and relationship with God because at the end of it all, when you die, your works on earth would be your pass for eternal life with God.

So I employ you to live for God, let the glory of God show in your lifestyle, think God, speak God, breathe God. You are not doing it for this moment but for the life after.

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