This is the story of a lady named Yewande
Who lost all she had in just in one day
There was a love she used to boast about
And then her existence became a serious doubt

Cute little angel who had her dreams shattered
By the terrific decisions that left her battered
The stories of our lives are written like a script
But Yewande wrote hers for her mother to edit

She was only 12 years of age
When her hand was given out in marriage
She used to be very honest, truthful and loyal
But her mother killed her dream of becoming a lawyer

Her whole life became as hot as hell
And unfortunately, there was no one she could tell
She lived in an entirely strange world
Of no happiness, no peace and a broken chord

Imagine a married life of everyday rape
And each time she tried to run, there was no escape
Imagine a married life of daily assault
She was a kid living in the miserable world of an adult

She had wanted a love life where peace is
But her life had shattered into pieces
There was a time she contemplated suicide
But at every attempt, her husband came inside

At the age of 16, she was used to the beatings
After all she attempted, her heart was still beating
Her hopes and dreams were sold out in return for money
Leaving her to suffer and live in so much mourning

One Saturday afternoon, at exactly ten minutes past five
A lady entered her house introducing herself as the legal wife
She came in with some bags, wearing a brown gown
She was dumbfounded, even the so called husband was not in town

Her trouble multiplied
As she was no longer treated as a bride
There’s nothing as bad as losing your place
Yewande lost hers, with sadness written on her face

After four years of being treated like a maid
And the major role the husband played
She decided to take vengeance into her hands
The torture was so much for her to withstand

For weeks she was staring at a knife
It was obvious she was going to take a life
One night, she gathered courage and ended it all
With blood on her hands, she took a fall

There on the floor, scared and disgusted
The police came and she was arrested
She was sentenced to death by electrocution
But she pleaded to see someone before the execution

When asked who? She replied ‘My mother…
The brain behind the murder’
‘I killed my husband and his wife but I’m not guilty’
The executioners were astonished but couldn’t have pity

‘He promised he would be there every minute
If only I knew he didn’t mean it
He told my mother I will get the best education
What do I get instead? Execution!’

Yewande’s story moved every one there
Some couldn’t hold their tears
The chaplain blessed her
Ending it with a forgiveness prayer

Minutes into the execution, a loud noise was heard
Calling on the execution team head
Commanding the event to cease immediately
Well, it stopped eventually

The prison officials and some lawyers rushed in
A great silence followed as they got to the scene
It was her mother, she finally came
Everywhere was quiet as she called Yewande’s name

She waited for her response but she got none
It was too late because she was long gone
One of the executioners hurriedly removed her veil
But all attempts to bring her back were to no avail

The mother cried, lamenting how she was deceived
She told everyone all the lies she believed
For years she searched for her daughter after the discovery
That she unknowingly sold her into slavery

She thought a good life she gave
But she never knew she dug her daughter’s grave
I wonder why people don’t look before they leap
And in the end, they bite their lip.


By Seun Ogundolapo


  1. Seun has done it again. There is nothing prolific about your writing, it is simply a blend of ingenuity served in a place of dexterity. Really a Titan among the pen users.

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