Writeway-Music are pleased to announce the music video for ‘Rodeo,’ the debut single from Leké Akinyemi.

‘Rodeo’was directed by Trail Pictures and was filmed on location on the East Coast of England in an environment that emphasises the message in the song.

“‘Rodeo’ portrays my response to the Christian faith as well as the ups and downs of life,” says Leké.

“Just like a real life rodeo; life can throw us around and sometimes make us feel like we’ve hit the ground, but in this song I’m saying that I won’t give up and that I’ll persevere.”

Leké is passionate about using ‘Rodeo’ as a song to inspire hope within the lives of all who view and hear it.

“No matter how hard life gets; be faithful to Jesus. As long as you have breath in your lungs to fight and overcome; anything is possible, irrespective of your situation,”exclaims Leké.

While ‘Rodeo’ serves as Leké’s debut video and single as a solo artist; he is no stranger to our screens, featuring in videos with Writeway-Music stable mates Tunday, Presha J and Rhema in their ground-breaking video ‘Alienated’. Leké was also featured in the 2012 UK smash hit song ‘Picture Perfect’ by multi-award winning artist Faith Child.

‘Rodeo’is taken from Leké’s long-awaited EP titled ‘One Eye Open’ (due for release later this year) which will explore the thoughts and perspectives of Atheists, Agnostic’s and Christian’s and will also feature the fan favourite ‘Closer’.

‘Rodeo’ the single will be released on 19th March 2012 and will be available for purchase on iTunes.

Leké can currently be found on Writeway-Music’s ‘One Way’ film tour in the UK promoting the film with screenings and live performances, already premiering the film in London (to a sold out audience) and Birmingham and with further screenings set for Manchester, Nottingham and other cities where there is popular demand.


Check out the video here






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