In an effort to steadfastly meet the spiritual needs of the television community, Gospel Music Arts (a non-profit org.) is launching an exciting fund-raising campaign to encourage an open door policy to its varied supporters. The campaign endeavors to boost more active involvement in strengthening the community with continued participation in the growth of the telecast, and to engage any television station that is willing to air the innovative telecast.

Results from telecast are stunning and herald Gospel Music Arts as a gospel music world-leader in bringing positive changes to the lives of its respective viewers.

Sometimes we, the community, become soul weary, losing the radical joy we could have towards our faith and our lives. We get caught-up into our activity driven society that we sometimes forget about humanity and the Humanities, leading to “mind-attack,” resulting in depression.

“Gospel Music Arts” is passionate about transforming the community by changing attitudes through the surprising transformational gifts of Grassroots Gospel Music.

Listen to a sample of Mildred Satzer’s “Amazing Grace Brought Us In”

Some positive comments made by viewers:

“I live for this Gospel Music Arts telecast.”

“I can hardly wait until it’s on again next week; it’s a morale booster!”

The artists that appear on the telecast are most impelling, the finest kept secrets of Country, Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, & Traditional Gospel today!

Donations small and large will signify the appreciation for all that Gospel Music Arts is accomplishing while supporting its expansion into new territories, acknowledging the urgency to continue its good mission, and making a huge positive difference in people’s lives. No contribution is too small or large to give.

“To keep a lamp burning, we must keep putting oil in it.” — Mother Teresa

Gospel Music Arts welcomes anyone wishing to make a positive difference to do so by visiting and click on DONATE NOW.


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