Ok so I am getting old now, lol. *sigh*, I have dreamt and fantasised so many times about my wife, and how being married will be like and stuff, and you know what, I CAN’T WAIT!!! Lol. When I tell this to some people, they areusually like ‘marriage is not easy you know’, and yes I know, but I know that with God in my life, everything is cool, and with God as the foundation, what is built can never crumble. Yes I believe that, even if you have heard or seen pastors getting divorced, I am not them, and you are not them too so don’t lose faith.

Anyway, I think when you enter a relationship, the aim of it should be obviously to grow in Christ and….. some people may not agree, but if you enter into a relationship with someone, it should be because you care about the person, and you want to be with them right? So if you’re in a relationship (the stage before you get married) you should give it your 100%, just the way a builder works hard to build a very nice house. Things and situations will come your way to test your relationship, so I say, stand your ground and don’t give up!

Its also very important that you get into a relationship when your ready. Yes life is a continuous learning process, but I mean ready as in…. your ready to make it work. Speaking from past experiences, lol (I’m no player), I have learnt a lot actually and that is part of the reason why I am saying all this. You might have heard all this before, but it has probably become cliché, so really and truly, take this advice!!!

But yeah back to the topic, lol. I am definitely looking for the wifey right about now, and I have my lists of wants hehe. But the list is not too important anyway because in my last relationship, the girl wasn’t really what I wanted physically, but she was beautiful both on the inside and out, and with a honest heart, it was mostly what was on the inside that was most attractive to me. May I also add that physical appearance is important, but it shouldn’t be the most important because looks change overtime boi, and like I heard someone say before, you wouldn’t just want to make love to your wife because she is beautiful because when you guys are older; there will be no more love making, lol! SMH.

So yeah, I am going to be talking to a lot of girls hopefully, to get to know them and stuff, so I can find this woman that God wants for me. I’m still kind of holding on to my list, but I don’t want that to blind my spiritual eyes when looking for her. And who knows, she might even be a friend now, lol.

By Rotimi Ariwoola


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