Hey guys! I just wanted to express my opinion and know what some of you think about a particular issue. Not too long ago, I and a friend randomly started talking about the issue of a wife getting paid more than the husband…in short, her having more money than him. She gave me a link to a certain website which showed people’s comments about this topic. Some were interesting, and some were actually silly. For instance, there was a woman that sent a comment which looked a little something like this (not exact): ‘It doesn’t matter how much he makes or if he has money, as long as he makes you smile/laugh, that’s all that matters’….I’m sure you guys are thinking the same thing I’m thinking right?

    1. Firstly, I’m thinking it might have been a little girl that happened to go on the website and left that comment.
    2. So if hard times come, and maybe the wife is pregnant or something, his ‘comedy’ will provide money right?
    3. It’s a disturbing thought that there are probably some women out there that do all the work and the husband does nothing…smh!

So as the conversation between me and my friend was going on, I was just thinking about the godly way to handle this situation, this website wasn’t a Christian website by the way, so it had different views which were quite interesting, but at the end of the day, God’s way always prevails and is always best! I don’t even want to say best because it can’t be compared, its just right.

Now personally and truthfully, I see a wife earning more than her husband as like…taking away his masculinity in a sense. It could be the way I was raised or just my views, but a man should always provide for His family(its even biblical). If it happens that a man’s wife earns more than him, I think they should talk about the situation and come to some sort of conclusion that is OK with both of them but contentment should also come into play. This shouldn’t involve anyone outside the marriage because it concerns no one else…it’s not a good thing involving others in your union (sorry that was kind of random lol). Let the love you have for each other and God’s word rule your decisions and not what other’s say or what you see. The man may decide to have other side hustles or something to be able to make more money. It’s not a competition between the couple, but I just think the man should make more altogether.

People have different views about this, so I am going to stress that this is just my opinion.  Another thing is that, a ‘God fearing man’ is hardworking and loves his wife anyway. Apart from it being an attribute of Christ, no man who is saved and continually dying to his flesh can be lazy or lack determination (this doesn’t conflict with being content in life). And a ‘God fearing woman’ is understanding and submissive. That’s why there is need for spiritual growth before marriage especially.

Money can cause issues in different ways, that’s why apart from being content, we have to be wise. I remember my pastor saying something about him and his wife having a joint account, that when ever they put money in it, or took some out, there used to be some kind of tension between them or something like that, lol, so a common ground and communication is very important. This is part of the reason why I mentioned earlier that the decision should only be between the couple.

This can be quite complicating, lol, but truthfully, I’ll prefer I made more than my wife so this doesn’t even become an issue. But come to think of it, instead of making this an aim, I will just focus on doing God’s will in my life, which will be sufficient enough for all things. I don’t want any of you to worry about stuff like this as long as you focus on the kingdom of God, but I just want there to be like a common understanding and opinion about this topic. What do y’all think?


  1. Interesting topic!
    money is serious business especially for a guy’s ego….it is becoming an increasingly acceptable in our society for a lady to earn more than the man.
    it matters most how they let it affect the relationship,and to what extent it does….

  2. well, i believe that God made the woman to be a help meet for the man… nothing wrong in her earning money as long as she can still commit and not make him feel less important. that really doesnt make sense… and even though the man was inended to provide for his wife, she’s also supposed to contribute. and personally i dont believe your husband is supposed to provide every little thing you need. haba. it’s good to be independent as long as you dont overstep your boundary. just my opinion.

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