Christian Newswire/ — A new book explores the reasons why most young people never read the Bible and looks at some techniques used by highly successful youth ministries.

70% of young people never read the Bible. This is one of the findings of a major piece of research commissioned by Bible Society Australia and presented in a new book called, ‘The Bible According to Gen Z.’ Conducted in Australia but relevant globally, the research focuses on ‘Generation Z’ – young people born between 1995 and 2009.

“The research in Australia reveals many similarities to our own on the state of the Bible here in the USA,” comments Matt Steinruck of American Bible Society. “The breakdown of how Gen Z got here, and the analysis of best practices to reverse the trends are enlightening and helpful as we link arms to connect the young generation to the life-changing message of God’s Word.”

Whether in the USA , Australia, or just about any other developed country, “Generation Z doubts the authenticity and relevance of the Bible, struggles with its language and is baffled by its stories of strange rituals, bizarre laws and violence,” notes Adrian Blenkinsop, who edited the book. “But the research also shows that young people are deeply interested in spirituality, ethics and social justice and are curious about the Bible.”

The good news, shared in this book, is that some youth ministries have found very effective ways of harnessing the concerns of young people and turning them towards the Bible.

“It’s like the Bible is in colour now,” comments one young man, Allan, who took part in a week-long ‘Immerse’ Bible camp. ‘Immerse’ brings young people to a deep understanding of the Bible by taking them on a journey through the whole Bible story.

‘Vetamorphus,’ another featured youth ministry, helps young people get into the habit of reading and reflecting on the Bible in community.

These are just some of the insights in the book that it is hoped will help churches, ministries, teachers, small group leaders and others across the world get young people into the Bible.

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