“I am distantly acquainted with this man because he is the one who sold me the domain name…  I’ve talked to him. I like him.”

The above was in an email a lady accidently sent to me. She had emailed a few weeks earlier inquiring about a website name that I owned. She wanted to know if I would sell it. Oddly enough (or maybe not so odd in my world) I heard God speak, “Sell it to her for one dollar.”

I emailed her back that it was for sale but the price was rather ridiculous. She replied that she had a small business and couldn’t afford a ridiculous price. She did as we all usually do and assumed the worst. I called her and explained that it was ridiculously low and that the price was one dollar. She bought it.

She is an editor who has been editing printed material for 35 years. I somehow knew that one day I may need her editing expertise. That “one day” came. I had a book concept and I needed an extremely good writer to write the book. I knew that she was not the writer but I felt that she might know her.

I knew the writer needed to be good, funny, able to construct and weave complicated plots and I knew that she was female. I emailed her with the description of the type of writer I was looking for and if she knew the right person she would instantly pop up in her spirit.

She intended to forward my email to the woman she had in mind and somehow sent it to me.

It teaches all of us a good lesson. Whatever you write or speak, write it or speak it as if the other person might read or hear it.

Before you hit the SEND button ask, “Is it good?”

“I like him,” made my day.

Let us all be wary of our SENDS.




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