We always hear the saying, ‘less is more’. When ladies get dressed, a friend says ‘Take that jacket off’ or ‘pull that neckline a little lower’, quoting one of the most abused pieces of fashion advice ever ‘less is more’. Is less really more? Let’s take a look at these collages


Now don’t get me wrong here as I’m not trying to say that everyone  should dress like a nun but I was at the Mall a while ago and I saw this girl wearing shorts that covered only half her bum. It was indecent to say the least. Everyone has a different idea of where is best to draw the line but I think we should all be able to agree that the idea of clothing is to cover nudity and if you are naked literally, you really have crossed the line.

The best advice I can give you is to ask a friend before you leave if you look okay (a friend with a good sense of style who does not also walk around with all their body parts showing preferably) Be confident! You don’t have to reveal all to be attractive; believe me, it is better to leave some things to the imagination. Let’s call it a teaser.



They look beautiful and if I may add, sexy with very little skin is showing. So ladies, cover up for the sake of fashion, that’s the new and improved saying…’more is more when beautifully placed’. . Furthermore, remember that the bible says that you should not make your brother sin, double please say no to the faux pas of nudity and yes to stylish ensembles that compliment your body.

Have a nice day.



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