A couple of years ago I was invited for my first birthday dinner in Yankee. I don’t know about you guys, but when someone invites you for a dinner party, are they not suppose to foot the bills?  I guess this happens only in Nigeria.  The Nigerians in America have their own idea of dinner parties ( yes just Nigerians because I have been to other dinner parties and they foot the bills). Like I said, It was my first birthday dinner. I didn’t think too much about it.
I went there with a friend. I was dressed to impress, sparks the peeps interest, good convo was all I expect (I just rhymed sha lol) . They were about 25 people there. In my mind I was just thinking, My goodness, this babe has money oh. How can she pay for 25 people? Plus the place looks expensive.  Everyone introduced themselves, a little chit chat here and there. The waiter came and I ordered my meal. I actually felt sorry for the celebrants. I was considerate and I ordered something that was not too expensive. Everyone took their time to order, except this one babe sitting across from me. She was the only one who ordered appetizer and the main course. Her accent sef no be here lol, you know those strong ibo accent plus fone lol.  ( I am not saying my accent is all that, but still)
The meal came and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the babe across me. She ate the appetizer alone, the main course; she ordered two more side dishes. She ordered two different drinks because the first one did not taste right. Then she ordered dessert. I looked around the table to check if I was the only one seeing this. To my amazement everyone was looking at her, some were even laughing at her ( rude much) .
The waiter came back with the bill and I heard the celebrant say something to him, but I couldn’t hear clearly. Five minutes later, I say the waiter giving everyone their separate bills.  I nudged my friend beside me, I was like why are they giving us a separate bill. My friend went on to tell me the Nigerian American idea of dinner party. Even though I was shocked I was thankful I didn’t order much. I was thinking about the celebrant not knowing I will be the one paying eventually (it’s good to be good for goodness sake lol) . I looked at the girl across from me enjoying her appetizer.  I saw the waiter give her the bill. She didn’t even look at it, she continued with her meal. A while later everyone was paying their individual bill.  She was the only one left now. One of the girls that were laughing at her told her, “Hope you know you are the one paying”. Her food stopped midway and her eyes popped out. She was like eh! …  I still don’t know how I held myself from laughing. It was just too funny. She looked at the bill for the first time. She was looking at the bill like she was about to take a major exam. I thought she was going to cry… lol. She pushed the desert away like it was bitter leaf. She checked her bag for like 15 minutes. Like me, this was her first dinner party as well. She had no idea she was the one paying her own bill. She was still checking her bag when one of the guys there opted to pay for her.  She was like God bless you oh, God bless you, I didn’t know oh
I am sure the next day she goes for a dinner party, she will order water and salad lol. What goes around comes back around
This article was written by BSNC. She blogs at http://brownskinaijachic.blogspot.com/
This image was gotten from rudisglutenfree.com

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