The Butterfly Effect is a metaphorical term whereby the designer symbolizes a woman to a butterfly; which is always colorful, flexible and during it’s caterpillar transition stage, it transforms to a beautiful creature with great strength; bursting out in colors and being free to spread it’s wings and fly gracefully. The Butterfly Effect collection explores the theme of freedom, strength and beauty in every woman. Fluid fabrics tend to showcase a bit of vulnerability but vivacious color such as red explores the theme of strength. Black also signifies her transition stage while yet flower-esque designs honors a woman’s endless grace.



Wisdom Franklyn is a young Nigerian designer with a brand name; Weiz Dhurm Franklyn. The 21 years old designer is ready to release his debut women’s wear collection called The Butterfly Effect. In this collection, attention is paid to details and colors.

This is a piece from the collection. The full collection will be out in two weeks
Model: Ms Dolls
Graphics,Retoucher& Editing: Seigfried Loin
Stylist/Designer: Wisdom Franklyn

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