Dear Sir,

I am aware that many people write on your wall, but I can only hope and pray that my humble suggestions catch your attention. I write concerning the recent killings in Jos which, unfortunately, has occurred too many times. I wish to suggest the following:

1. That a peace conference be held between Christian and Muslim leaders in Jos, mediated by your eminent self, the Sultan of Sokoto and Archbishops of both Anglican and Catholic denominations. Also, let 2 prominent Muslim and Christian world leaders who preach peace be in attendance at the conference to lend their voices to the call for peace. In this conference, let both sides put their complaints on the table so that the real issues at the root of the clashes can be identified, tabled and addressed.

2. After this conference, let there be a peace summit in the largest outdoors venue in jos. Where these prominent, peace preaching world leaders can address the people of Jos. Because of security issues, numerous military personnel will need to patrol this venue for weeks leading up to the summit. So that no loopholes would be left to terrorists.

3. Let the Government interact directly with the grassroots by liaising with the leaders of the smaller sects within both religions, and also with tribal heads. They may even be paid a small stipend and their responsibility will be to report to the government weekly about any grouses the groups may develop about any issues. Also they will be responsible for the behaviour of the people under them. This is because no actions of mass killing is ever done in isolation. People always act in groups.

Wakeji Gani

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