Our testimonies make us, shape us and give us a story to tell.  For Vonnie Lopez, her story is beyond believable.  One listen to this woman’s incredible voice and you would never know that she was born tone deaf.  Who says that prayer doesn’t change things?  Vonnie knows that it does.  A member of the GRAMMY and Stellar Award-winning ensemble, The Kurt Carr Singers, Vonnie has sung with the best in the industry including Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, J. Moss and the late Walter Hawkins.  God has clearly opened doors for Vonnie and she’s witnessed – first-hand – the power of God.  She also believes there’s power in the name of Jesus.  Her brand new single, “The Name of Jesus”, is a heartfelt riveting ballad, the type of song that leaves the listener speechless – as does the story of Vonnie Lopez.
Vonnie’s story begins in a small town in Louisiana.  In the little southern town, Gospel music was frequently heard coming from the Ewings’ home.  Songs by artists like Rev. James Cleveland, Tramaine Hawkins and The Richard Smallwood Singers were heard regularly and the Pentecostal preacher’s daughter was captured by sounds of the music and the anointing on the artists.  Bishop Murrell Ewing, Vonnie’s father, was not only a preacher, but a singer as well.  As a matter of fact, everyone in Vonnie’s household sung, but Vonnie.  She had been born tone-deaf.  Not one to discourage his daughter, her father would say, “God’s gonna give you something baby…”
Believing that there was power in prayer, Vonnie sought to gain the musical talent that genetics had deprived her of.  She prayed, “God give me a voice to sing and I promise for the rest of my days I will sing to you and I will sing for you.” Shortly after that prayer, she found herself singing in front of her church belting out “I Made A Vow”.  God had done exactly what she had prayed for; He had given her a beautiful singing voice.
Years later, after experiencing a recurring dream, she petitioned God to give her the opportunity to sing with the GRAMMY Award-winning Kurt Carr Singers.  “God I trust you to bring it to pass,” she said.  Then the door of opportunity opened and Vonnie was asked to open for The Kurt Carr Singers.  In a half empty auditorium, Kurt Carr says he heard a sound that gave him goose pimples and went to investigate to see where the sweet sound was coming from.  Later that evening, Kurt asked Vonnie to join the ensemble on stage.  Just eighteen months later, Vonnie became a part of the world-renowned gospel group.  Soon to celebrate 10 years with The Kurt Carr singers, she is a featured soloist on several albums: One Church, Just The Beginning and Bless This House, due out in early 2013.
Vonnie’s path as a solo artist began when she met Riverphlo Entertainment Founder, Mano Hanes.  Known as one of the premiere producers and musical directors in the business, Mano and Vonnie connected immediately.  Vonnie recalls, “I could see how much he loved God and how gifted he was as a producer.  It was a God thing from the beginning.”  They both felt that Riverphlo, known as the home of Gospel great Andrae Crouch and his recent mega-hit “Let The Church Say Amen”, was the perfect place for Vonnie to be introduced as a solo artist.  In 2013, Lopez will be dropping her debut record featuring the mesmerizing single, “The Name of Jesus”.
Many don’t realize that singing is just part of the ministry of Vonnie Lopez.  She’s also a Minister of the Gospel as well as a First Lady.  Alongside her husband, Pastor Aaron Lopez, in full-time ministry, Vonnie serves at Eastwood Pentecostal Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  A wife and a mother to two wonderful children, Aaron James and Lindsey Brooke, Vonnie’s hands are full.  But they aren’t too full to do missions work in Africa and Central America.  As Vice President of Jordan International Aid, she assists with getting food, clothing and medicine to countries like Haiti, Nicaragua, India, Kenya, Cambodia and Japan.  Currently, they are building an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.
As a speaker, she’s been called to numerous countries to share words of inspiration.  Known for a positive and uplifting style of speaking, she founded the women’s conference, Renewing My Spirit, held annually in Union City, CA.  As much as she enjoys all the opportunities she’s been given, for Vonnie, it all comes down to worship.
“People call me a worship leader, but really I am just a worshipper – and my assignment is to lead the people into God’s presence” says Vonnie.  “When we enter the presence of God, anything and everything is possible. Healing takes place. Miracles unfold.  Deliverance happens.  All in His presence.  I just want to take the people to Jesus because I know that in His presence is everything they need.”
More information on Vonnie Lopez can be found at http://riverphlo.com/artists/vonnie-lopez/.  Connect with her on Facebook and on Twitter at @VonnieLopez.

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