Our friends at In His Steps Magazine have released the soundtrack and trailer for their new film, Rhythms of Grace. Check them out here


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The song comes prior to the release of the short film scheduled for January 14th 2013.

On this track you have two amazing artistes:  Tuned-ey and Oolar – taking you through an acoustic rendition of Rhythms of Grace

Ade loves Rose and she loves him right back. According to one of his romantic tales: she is the only one that strikes a cord in his heart and
ten resound in response

They however got webbed by the fire of their love and the result was a fetus

But they can’t stand the piercing eyes. Ade is meant to be a ‘saint’ and Rose is reputed to be the definition of Holy. So they resort to abortion.

With one wrong already committed, and the duo being on the verge of another, the rhythm is broken and grace must have walked out the door

Can they truly keep it sealed? Is restitution still possible?

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