Urban culture in Nigeria evolves like the speed of light. Just when you think that this is the “thing” the young people are crazy about, they turn around and fall absolutely in love with something else. Funny thing is, a new trend has stayed for over a year. That trend is in two words: Skinny Jeans.

According to Wikipedia, Skinny Jeans are a style of denim jeans that have straight legs and tend to crumple around the ankles. They are called skinny jeans because they give you a thin figure. This style was started in the 1980’s to make a retro-punk look. They have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening that can be anywhere from 9″ to 20″ depending on size.

Girls in Nigeria have been wearing skinny jeans since mid 2000s but the trend went on a whole new level when the guys became fashion conscious by following the trend of their western peers. They traded their baggy jeans for a new pair of skinnies. At the start of this trend, there were lots of mixed reactions. Some people felt it was gay for guys to wear skinny jeans, others thought it was just plain stupid because they felt the jeans were “uncomfortable’

The funny thing is the history of this style of jeans dates back to the 1950s with popular stars such as Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Zorro and Gene Autry, Marilyn Monroe, and Sandra Dee wearing their pants very slim to the ankle. Since then rock bands and country singers have adopted this as their signature look. Celebrities like Kanye West, The Jonas Brothers even Lil Wayne have been spotted putting on skinny jeans. This proves that this style of  jeans is not actually unique to a particular gender.

Skinny jeans is regular now in mainstream fashion and is pretty common in Nigeria now. Truth is, skinny jeans on girls maybe around for a long time but for how long will this trend last amongst the men. If you walk into the cinemas, a departmental store, a restaurant or even the club, you’ll find quite a number of guys putting on the jeans. Some wear them colored. others sag them and show all their underwear  while some tuck their shirts into them. Thing is, this trend looks like one that may be here for a long time.

So guys, are you going to join the train. Will you trade your baggies for a pair of skinnies?


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  1. It took me a while before I could comprehend the idea and the reason of men wearing jeans that are very tight but eventually I tried one and I fell in love with skinny jeans. Its more than a year and I have not worn a different type of jeans. I don’t see myself stoping soon, skinny jeans is here to stay.

  2. Skinny jeans aren’t meant for everyone. Some fashion trends are merciful and very accommodating, others are not, and skinny jeans fall into the latter group. They are definitely not meant for me. Happy wearing!

  3. In as much as I won’t tag myself as a “fashion consious” guy perse but I like to try new stuff. I started wearing “skinnies” about a year and a half ago and iv loved the appeal it brings.I still get varios criticism evrytime I wear one but who cares?People are gonna talk anyway,I feel very confident when I step out in one.

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