It is Wednesday and I have been dying to see X-Men: First Class all week. Wednesday is my CD (has to do with NYSC; story for another day) so I decide to use the opportunity to go see it at the O-Zone Cinemas in Yaba. At least, I would get free popcorn and drink abi? Anyways, I step into the E-Centre building and the sight I see does not surprise me.  It has been the same all year. There is a guy loitering about at the entrance in his skinny jeans and checked shirt, talking to someone on his BlackBerry. (Read the skinny jeans post here). I get to the first floor and I see a guy taking a picture with his girlfriend. They are both rocking skinnies and have their BlackBerrys in their hands. I get to the second floor and I see a young attractive woman, probably in her 30s. She just picked her kids from school and brought them here for Ice Cream. She is holding them with one hand as she answers her call on her BlackBerry. I get to the third floor and I see a store attendant. He is probably bored from all the students from a particular institution of higher learning who have come to window shop so he decides to take a walk as he catches up with some of his friends on his BlackBerry. I am at the cinema floor now and I can see a pretty girl sitting down cross legged chatting on her BlackBerry Torch, waiting for her boyfriend to get her popcorn for her. Finally, I get into the theatre and the girl besides me brings out her BlackBerry Bold. She goes to her messenger and puts “Watching XMEN with the girls. No pings pls. *Smiley face* *Kiss* *Hug* *Huge Grin* *Smiley Face*” on her BBM status.


Yes, it happens. The BlackBerry craze has taken over the Nigerian Youth. Those that do not have one; want to get one. Those that already have one; want to change it. Even my 13-year-old cousin in JSS 2 has one. What is he using a smartphone for? (And they wonder why 1 million students failed SSCE). It is so bad that you see an old friend and after exchanging pleasantries, he asks, “abeg wetin be your pin?” The one that really pisses me off is having a conversation with a BlackBerry user. They just nod and say “hmm” when they are not listening to anything you are saying. The device has captured their hearts.


The BlackBerry mobile phones have been in existence since 1999. The best way to describe them is Cell Phone+ Media player meets PDA. Since then, the phone has evolved and making it one of the popular smart phones in the world. BlackBerry runs with its BlackBerry Enterprise Server or the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). The latter is common because it was designed for the average consumer. The BIS enables the user to check emails, surf the web, use web applications, access social networking sites and use the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which is the major thing that makes the phone unique.


The BlackBerry phone has become popular in Nigeria’s urban culture especially since the various networks have introduced affordable packages for users. Most users love the phone because they feel the BlackBerry Messenger makes contacting friends easier and they get to access their Facebook and Twitter accounts on the road. Most business-oriented people claim they use the device to receive their emails straight to their phone.  Even though it seems that the love for the device is growing, some still claim they “hate” the device and have decided not to conform to “society’s demands” to get one. They argue that the device is being used as a status symbol and not owning a BlackBerry removes you from the “cool crowd”. They complain that it costs a lot to maintain and that even after you get it, you have to work your way up to the highest model. Others say, BlackBerry users are anti-social (which is true in some cases) and have a form of superiority complex.


Even with all these, the BlackBerry phone has become a huge part of Nigeria’s Urban Culture especially in Lagos and Abuja. I know a few of my friends who are saving their NYSC allowance to make the move from their old phone to a BlackBerry. Some are saving it so they can sell their old BlackBerry, add the saved money and get the latest BlackBerry phone.


Check these out:


They call it pinging...



How do you relax? You ping on the beach...


House party. Good. I can ping, charge my phone and have a good time at once! 🙂


I can't take a picture without my BB


Even the celebrities are not left out

Justin Bieber


Ms. Demi Lovato loves her Blackberry...


Ellen Pompeo


Eva Longoria


Kim Kardashian


Ms. Selena Gomez
Brandy Norwood
Even President Obama has got himself a BlackBerry

While I could’t find pictures of our Nigerian celebrities holding their BlackBerrys, I was able to get proof from their Twitter timelines


Dare art Alade


Pastor J
Ara Ile singer, Simi



So what do you think of this trend? Are you going to conform and get yourself one or will you just ignore the urge to change your phone. Whatever you do, be happy with the phone you have. Abi, no be to call and receive text?


I will be back with more Urban Culture trends; this babe keeps buzzing me on my BlackBerry.


Till my next post,

I remain your U. C Trend Monitor.


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  1. nice work man!! Funny to know Obama pings too!! U go fear campaign through broadcasts now!! #okbye… Harry good work tho..

  2. very nice. i have been able to resist the temptation of getting one bcos i am one of those ppl who doesn’t get what the fuss is about. I cn relate to the part about trying to hold a convo with BB owners, its quite annoying….n the way they clutch these things! it will soon start causing carpal tunnel syndrome

  3. Well, that’s actually true, considering the fact that 70% of the modern youth spend 80% of their time in cyber world. If they are not blasting music on their Ipods, they are chatting on their laptop, or doing both on their Blackberry…… me : D. It’ begins to feel like we are in “Quest world” (Johnny Quest). I wonder what’s going to happen when Google finally acquire Motorola….? O wait, they’ve already done that to late, we’ve have just “Entered the Matrrix”. It seems like John Connor was right after all…”The maxhines have taking over……next thing you know we have got Terminators barging down our doors….I guess. :). Ladies and gentlemen, its the 21st Century,”Welcome to the Cyber age” and embrace it…b4 you are left behind, which can’t happen cos it will embrace you even if you refuse to embrace it….just. Like the unwanted hug ur cousins old aunty gives you even if you don’t want it…but this them the aunt is a young hot babe…..hard to resist. Nice article. – AfamJOE!

  4. Dat ws lovely…altho bb is over hyped, i think it’s a necessary part of our evolving global culture…at least I’m readin ds via mai *wink*….

  5. This is a very interesting piece. It depicts exactly what is happening in today’s world, especially the younger generation. These days, I am unsure if there is a specific demographic I can say that uses a BB. The reason is b/c everyone seems to own one. I guess it’s the 21st Century and no one wants to be left behind. 🙂 However, how you use your BB is up to but it’s not worth obsessing over. Like other things in life, moderation is key.

  6. funny enough in another 2years the blackberry craze will die and a new device will rule….lol…trying to get abreast with the latest devices is like chasing the wind..hehe

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