Ever been in a relationship and just can’t explain what you are still doing in it. And no, it doesn’t just have to be a romantic relationship. It could be friendship even family.

Ever asked yourself how long you could possibly put up with a lot of the crap you keep geeting in return for your love.
The question of how long so many times is asked and it seems the answer just gets farther and farther away. We wonder;

How long must I put up with a friend that thinks only of herself and her expectation of you?
How long must I put up with a love that brings me more pain than smiles?
How long must I put up with a family that considers me only when its time for census?
How long must I put up with a belief that seem so far fetched at times and a God that I fear may not exist?
How long you may ask? You wouldn’t be the first.
In mark 9:19, even Jesus asked the same question; how long must I put up with you?

The Answer…

Until the rooster sings and the sweat stings
Until a hillside of demons smirk at a dying God
How long?
Until my sinless soul soak up your evry sin that heaven will turn in horror at such thing
Until my swollen lips pronounce the final transaction ‘its finished’
The truth; how long must I put up with you?
Until it kills

Have that answered any lingering question of how long you should love a loveless person, how long you should keep saying hi to that rude person or how long to keep doing what’s right.



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