Have fun reading this, no pressure…don’t get aggravated, agitated or anything with too many syllables. Think about the message, that’s all. Happy reading!

Quick show of hands, how many of you know which category you fall into? Are you the Wifey, girlfriend, main squeeze, side chick or in some cases … the extra (in which case, bless your heart)? Don’t feel insulted, but it is what it is. I’ve had conversation with several guys and across the board, the same holds true. On one end there are those in the temporary parking space – these chics start here and most times remain here, unfortunately they hardly ever make it into the house. On the other end there are those you don’t leave out on the street because even a fool knows a good thing when he sees it.

This article is not to offend anyone but to get my ladies thinking. Whether or not you realize it, you carry a brand that guys notice. If you want to attract the right kind of crowd, wear a good brand. If you care for just ANY kind of attention, then even the cheapest brand will suffice. I’m not referring to your clothes; I’m talking your substance, your carriage, your poise, what draws guys to you…yea, good question! WHAT draws guys to you? Is it your personality and demeanor or the generous amount of your goodies that you are serving the entire world?

We may think that guys aren’t particular about issues like this, but trust me they are. Oh yeah, they very well are. Yes, let she that thinketh she stand shine her eyes well well lest she fall flat on her face. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s review some scenarios:

    #1 You’ve been dating a guy for some time and he’s never introduced you to any of his friends…my good sis, grab your pen and paper; it’s time for evaluation 101. What are his reasons? Does he not want you to meet them? In that case there’s a serious problem. Or is he a loner? Darling, except you have a PhD in psychology…to the left, to the left
    #2 He takes forever to return your calls or messages: Now this is kinda tricky because for some of us women, forever is 10mins. The dude doesn’t call you back within 10mins and you’re already in the ER. Let’s be fair and say 24hours max…that’s even a long time. Why hasn’t he called? Clearly you’re not a priority. Unless he’s in the Sahara desert with no network service or he’s pushing daisies 6ft under…Sis, it’s time for an intervention.
    #3 HE hasn’t met your friends: unless YOU are ashamed of him (in which case sorry for making you read this whole article) or you have no friends? (Which I strongly doubt) A man who doesn’t care to meet your friends, doesn’t plan on sticking around for long…after all, who’s going to beg you if he messes up.

Ladies, whichever category you fall, if you ever plan on making it into that house, these are some of the things you need to start thinking about. As your fellow sister, I am praying for you. Hopefully someday we’ll all be parked in some garage of a mansion…can I hear an amen?

– Ibukun J.

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