Artist- Trip Lee

Album- Between two worlds

Length- 16 tracks. 1:04:26

Genre- Christian Rap

iPod Pick- The Invasion (Hero)

The world we live is a broken one, much like a bad watch and as Christians whether or not we recognize it we’re like Neo from The Matrix, caught between two parallel “realities” and since Adam fell humanity has been on a journey that resembles a downward spiral. At this point it just seems like a large section of humanity possess brains powered by hamsters on wheels! So what does the Christian do? Pine away for heaven, the perfect world or try to fix the broken world by offering the solution, Jesus? This dilemma, the “in, not of” disposition towards the world (like in Philippians 1) forms the bulk of Trip Lee’s 3rd album Between Two world presents itself as a 15 track banger.
First let’s focus on Trip’s growth. From being that young prodigy on the Reach label he’s grown into a man that pulls his own weight effortlessly. With his 3 album discography and various guest spots his gift has progressed like the path of the righteous and it’s exciting to think that even though he’s on such an impressive level he’s still growing!!!

So what makes Between Two Worlds an almost perfect album? Well we could start off by looking at the top notch production with some of the foremost producers on this project. From DJ Official to Alex Medina to Tony Stone, JR, Big Juice and of course G-styles this it’s practically an all-star cast. Secondly the featured guests; fantastic appearances from guys we know like Tedashii, Lecrae and Thi’sl to lesser known guys like J.Paul and Chris Lee. Each guest brings a beautiful flavor to each song that complements Trip’s abilities. The most excellent appearances were from Leah Smith and Jimmy Needham, lending their beautiful voices to the project. Another praiseworthy attribute is the theme that each song dealt with, right from the first line “They say hindsight is 20/20 well they right it’s behind me/back for the third time you know where to find me…” on the intro “Real Life Music” you know you’re in for a treat. Then there’s a song that deals with temptation, “Covenant Eyes” featuring PRo, who has the answers to life’s questions on “Life 101” and the excellent acknowledgement of our limitations and God’s sovereignty on “Limitations”. It doesn’t stop there, there’s a prayer of dedication on “Yours To Own” with Jimmy Needham, a “kill the flesh” anthem called “Snitch” and down to “The Invasion (Hero)” with Jai practically everything that concerns life as we know it in this broken world is touched on and in a fresh and real manner too.

Before I round up this review, I must draw attention to the beautiful work Reach Records is doing with regards to marketing. From occasional giveaways to maintaining a strong online presence they’ve kept the public well informed and hungry for good music. It’s not hard to understand why they have such a wide reach (no pun intended). A video from this album (The Invasion) is already a hit on different channels and has even featured on BET’s 106 and Park. If you’ve noticed they also pay much attention to detail as the album art on Reach albums nowadays is just bananas. I think a lot of other labels should be taking notes.

In the midst of my enchantment with B2W, I have a little reservation which comes in the form of Sho’s verse on “I Love Music”. Something about the verse (and maybe the song) comes across as cheesy even though the song is enjoyable. This album is easily 2010’s number one album (with Lampmode’s The Church and Rhema Soul’s Fingerprints it’s only worthy challengers). An album we’ll remember in years to come. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 … it’s that good!


Review by Peter Ngbede Akinnusi

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