This trend is not exactly exclusive; as the popularity of Wedges started to rise from the middle of last year (2010). But like some fashion trends or clothing items/accessories, not everyone is fond of Wedges. There are some ladies who just prefer the ‘normal’ high heeled shoes, sandals, boots, etc.

For the Summer/Spring collection of a lot of designers, Wedges were a popular choice of shoes included in a lot of outfits. I recall some of these designers being Prada (who even included platform sandals in their collection), Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

The sporting of Wedges didn’t exactly leave the fashion world (as some people still wore it before this trending era), but it just wasn’t as popular as it is now. This is a personal opinion, but wearing wedges makes you look a tad bit more fashionable than wearing some normal high heeled shoes.

Photo sources: Styletastic, Makeupandbeautycare, and NYMag

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