Title: Traveling Light

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: W Publishing Group

Place: U.S.A

No of Pages: 220

Date: 2001

Ever wished you could drop all your loads and burdens on someone who wouldn’t mind having them?—now look at it from a deeper perspective—imagine you offloading your afflictions, shame, worries, self-reliance, disappointments, weariness, fear, grief, and everything that not only drains you emotionally, spiritually but also rips you of your joy, sound mind and happiness? Ever wanted someone to really pause, understand and care about you?

Max Lucado’s Traveling light is a remarkable write-up in reality; it is a creative masterpiece; it is not just another inspirational piece but also a ministration in all totality. It speaks to the very soul of man and reveals to him the light through the darkness that weighs him down.

This tour de force reveals the reader to the promises of the 23rd book of Psalms. I know many of us would wonder why the chapter is so striking; we would say “of course, we say it a lot when we pray; we read it always in the bible” but I tell you, traveling light reveals the hidden promises you probably will not see on the surface level of reading your bible. Promises of a smooth ride through all the journeys of life, promises of a less weighed luggage, promises of a definite backup through thick and thin, promises of a glorious future if only we will let Him be our shepherd who will make us lie down in green pastures.

The book with the slogan; “releasing the burdens you were never intended to bear” analyses each verse of the 23rd chapter of the book of Psalm in a light that encourages us to cast our burdens on the Lord for He cares. It explains in clear terms and vivid illustrations how we don’t have to worry about things such as despair, disappointments, guilt, shame, sorrow, discouragements, burdens of doubt, loneliness, envy, grief and all other things that so easily besets us.

Lucado uses clear, practical illustrations that make us really understand and accept his terms without much of an argument that starts with “what ifs” and “how wills”. One of the captivating illustrations he used to describe God leading us in the path of righteousness is for us to imagine God planning a party where the guest list is impressive and more impressive is the nature of the guests. No egos, no power plays. Guilt, shame and sorrow will be checked at the gate. Disease, death and depression will be the black plagues of a distant past. We will not only see God’s work but we will see Him clearly! He is the Host of the party. His goodness is the banquet, His voice is the music; His radiance is the light and His love is the endless topic of discussion! Wow!

This season of Christmas where everyone will be traveling to unite with families and friends, although many of us would wish we could travel without much luggage and still have everything at our disposal, trust me, you can. All you have to do is grab a copy of Max Lucado’s Traveling Light and you are good to go.


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