Nigeria cannot be globally relevant if cooking up parties from various kitchens has become our call. Imagine 62 parties registered for the 2011 election, its absurd. What happened to merging these parties for accuracy sake, what happened to the one Nigeria spirit, what about rebranding Nigeria, this is zoning in disguise. Not to mention, the movement of the top government officials from one party to another especially to PDP. Recently formal governor of Abia State Oroji Uzo Kalu moved back to PDP, can this be as a result of corrupt practices?

Unity cannot be achieved with the existence of PDP which is considered the best brand and 61 other parties struggling for recognition. However, the vital signs of conducting a good elective are being neglected as the Nigeria government claim to fight corruption still practicing corruption. Its obvious, INEC refrained from doing a thorough review of the last election to ensure a restructuring in the implementation of the coming election. With the registration of these 61 parties, it can be deduced that INEC lack effective strategic plan which results to prudent actions. the tradition of chatting and shouting about upcoming elections in Nigeria has become permanent and this yields no result. EFCC chairman plans to ban corrupt officials from contesting, HOW!!! (I laugh in spanish).

Eliminating corruption is not a one man affair, its a collective act whereby the people are involved in such delicate matters. Opinions and plans should be made public to ensure democracy and eradication of this evil menace called corruption in this upcoming election. My fingers are crossed!

By Glory Onyema

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  1. there was a plan to merge the other 61 parties into 1 but i dont think thats gonna happen (joining u to laugh in spanish!) but isn’t that the problem of the world? my idea over yours, my way over yours, my church over yours…things are changin though, at least thats wat we hope

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