In a countdown on Facebook, TFK kept it all under the radar today only to make the big announcement an hour early.  They will go all indie for the band’s next album called ‘The End Is Where We Begin’.  Needing 40k of donations to make it happen, the band has a kickstarter page to make it happen.  Check it out here:

This is such a bold move for a band that seems to always do albums the right way, from production to marketing.  Head over and help them make it happen.

Official Announcement Text:

About this project

We are just finishing up our new album “The End Is Where We Begin” and we want you to be a part of the journey!  We will be releasing this new album on our own—with your help!  We can not thank all of you enough for your support so far.  We could not be here without you and now you can play an important part in helping us launch our new album.

This is a great way for us to connect more with you, by offering some exclusive and unique packages related to the new album. We couldn’t be more excited about this.  We will keep you up to date here as much as we can – everything from the tour, to the artwork, to the ideas and everything in between as our plan begins to take shape.  And of course…the music!  We are most excited to share some of that with you as quick as we can!  And there are some cool ways for us to do that. We hope that you find the support pledges exciting, as we had fun dreaming them up!  Please make sure that any of your friends that are fans of TFK are aware of our new adventure.

P.S. We know that our fans are the best.  Let’s show the world the strength of the TFK community.  If we hit our goal in 1 day, then we will make one new song from the new album available to everyone (for free!) by Friday December 2nd!

Thanks so much for taking part in this journey with us,






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