The Wardrobe Swap party (WASParty) is the eco-friendly clothes swapping (exchange of clothes between women) event created by childhood friends Ronke Akinboye-Odewumi and Detola Amure.

The Waspartiers (Ronke and Detola) decided to create the eco-fabulous WASParty when they found fashion treasures in each other’s wardrobes that the other didn’t seem to need or wear and realised that between them, their friends and women in the UK was a mountain of clothes rarely worn and sitting in wardrobes all over the UK.

The cloth swapping parties held by the WASPartiers takes place throughout the year in London, UK and gives attendees the opportunity to get a number of new clothes into their wardrobe in one go, without going shopping. It also provides the chance to get rid of clothes that are hardly worn, and de-clutter their wardrobe in the process.

The Wasparty is the trendy way to do ‘ethical shopping’ and now ladies concerned with keeping the earth green can keep their carbon footprint down while getting something back.

There is definitely a feel good factor about these WASParties; they save you shopping money, revamp and de-clutter your wardrobe, let you give back to the environment while having a fabulous time at their fun filled party.

At every Wasparty, there are also side attractions such as beauty and makeup giveaways, beauty makeovers, book giveaways, costume jewellery of an aquarius ring and accessories on sales, vouchers to give away and so much more.

The most recent swap party organised by the Waspartiers and themed “Swappers Anonymous” held on the 23rd of October, at The Rock Tower, Tufnell Park Road and you can see pictures of these event at

The next Wasparty event is holding in January and you can follow the Wasparty on facebook,  twitter and blogspot for more details of the January party.

You can also follow the WASParty on

facebook- Wardrobe Swap Party (WASP)

The WASPartiers

Ronke Odewumi is a fashion designer and business consultant who loves and lives fashion and everything fashion. Her dream is to build her fashion brand Enii Akinbo. She is always willing to give fashion & style advice. Ronke is married to her best friend who supports her fashion aspirations and keeps her in Jimmy Choos.

Detola Amure is a fashion savvy business analyst whose passion is to completely declutter her wardrobe and that of every woman in the UK in an environmentally friendly way. She is a goal getter, loves networking and reading. She is married to the man of her dreams and has a drop-dead gorgeous daughter.

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