The Washington Project is set to release the music video for Justus. The song is from their Light Up The Dark album and it would premiere on national/international television Monday Feb 6th on XVZ.

The video is a call to raise awareness for IJM. They are an organization we have supported for some time. They are true heroes, that rescue victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression. You can be a hero too!! Watch the video when it airs, tell a friend & get involved. Check here for your local listings.

Check out the screen shots here




Also, the duo announced that they will release their new remix record called “SPACE TIME CONTINUUM”.   The new 11 track album will be available for purchase everywhere shortly and was produced by Flatline Remix.



This is the official track list

001 Work (Intergalactic Public Transit Mix)
002 Time (Spiral Galaxy Mix)
003 Diamonds (Get Out My Face Cubic Zirconia! Mix)
004 Move (Divine Sines Mix)
005 Crazy (Space Junk Mix)
006 She Can’t Love You (3AM Blacklight Mix)
007 Justus (4th Spatial Dimension Mix)
008 Light Up The Dark (Dark Matter Mix)
009 My Dream (Wicker Park Mix) [feat. jleck] 0010 Zephyr Wings (Chicago Discothèque Mix)
0011 Yesterday (Northern Lights Mix)


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