On the 8th of September 2010, I was privileged to attend the Vogue Fashion Night Out in London. This is also took place in New York. Basically, it’s a night where the top designers’ stores in the city of London, West End, were showcasing their stuff for the public (this is my own description of the night). There were celebrities around, paparazzi, designers, blog owners, etc.  I was RSVP’d for Louis Vitton, so I was able to get into the store (you had to be on the guest list to enter certain stores like high name designer Louis Vitton).

So I met up with a few of my business associates, and a friend of mine and we first went over to GAP, where an American singer, Janelle Monae, was performing.  After waiting for like 5 minutes or so, she graced the stage following a round of applause from the crowd, and she did her thing. We left because we had to get down to business, so we headed to where Louis Vitton was, which took a while as were looking for it.

By the way, West End was filled with many ‘fashionistos’ and ‘fashionistas’. My eyes everywhere staring at peoples’ amazing, effortless style and ‘swag’. This really inspired me to be bold with what I choose to wear and stuff, and it’s definitely good to try new things when it comes to clothes and even accessories. On our way to the Louis Vitton store, there were other stores holding the same event, and we were able to see some celebrities and the paparazzi taking their pictures. Again, beautiful styles and outfits, both male and female, were like everywhere. It was TRULY a fashion night.

We got to Louis Vitton, and got in. The store was beautiful, but there was a let down….pictures were not allowed in the store. If they were, I would have taken pictures of the beautiful wristwatches, wallets, bags, handbags, luggage bags, that would probably run Kanye West crazy! I even spotted a watch that cost £9,450. I spotted 2 celebrities in the store. Designer Oswald Boateng, and British boxer, David Haye. Drinks were being offered, nice drinks may I add, and was photographed by the camera man (hopefully I’ll be tagged in the photo on Facebook so I can share, because the store was beautiful).

After me and the business associates and my friend finished what we were doing, we left inn the aim of trying to link up with the rest of the crew, who had the cameras that the store would allow to take pictures with, but everyone’s battery was dead, so it didn’t happen.

We came across another designer store who had models, instead of mannequins, in the show glass. The models were dancing and messing around, which attracted a crowd outside the store.

Anyway, I definitely want to be attending more events like this, as it is a very good opportunity. It is open to the public so that fashion can be learnt more about. So that it can also be seen physically, instead of just on the TV. It was a good experience.

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