The recent royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton turned up the glam on historic royal weddings with fascinating details on the guest, the dress code, and most especially, the wedding gown. Not to mention the awesome mixture of tradition and modernity touch which is an evident that the royal family is also in the bandwagon of modernity.


The wedding captured the love story, like fairytales wrapped in every girls thought, dreams, and imaginations of an off-the-hook event. The admirable love between the couple was so glaring, one could easily notice by the eye contacts they made to each other. The moment Kate walked down the aisle, then meeting Prince Williams, he uttered “you look beautiful” that alone, geared up the “happy ever after” feeling in Kate.

In as much as Kate Middleton had the royal opportunity to be royally extravagant, she didn’t hesitate to add her style reminding us that she is still a commoner. Traditionally, Kate Middleton was main to ride a carriage to Westminster Abbey but she opted for a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI and amazingly, the royal family also used cars, and that’s what I see as ‘tradition goes modern’ it was awesome to see the royal family break out a bit from tradition while still maintaining royalty.

The royal wedding personified luxury and inspirational living at the highest level. The royal family transformed an ordinary wedding event into a magnet for global elite and ignited a culture that birthed and elevated the level of wedding events among the wealthy, and this gravity continues to be felt for decades all over the world.

The wedding is an epitome of royalty. It depicted royalty, nothing done was ordinary, and everything was A-list, the guest, the cars, the parade and the entire event. Royalty is beautiful when events such as these occurs, but let’s not forget the responsibilities.

An advice for those living in the fantasy of pulling off such a high-class, mind blowing extravagant fairytale wedding, it can be imitated but never will there be a duplicate because you are not royalty and don’t have the British citizens paying for the expenses.

But nevertheless, one can afford a fairytale wedding without the extravagant style of the royal wedding it’s all about aspiring to have the best, believing and working smartly towards making it a reality. Remember; cut your cloth according to your cloth, because it’s not just about the wedding but the life after the wedding. Let’s not forget that as far as we are made in the image and likeness of God, we all are royalties (1Peter 2:9), as long as you walk in line with his divine guidance for your life and remember your royalty doesn’t have its heritage on earth.


Glory Onyema

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