New FREE Album “The Pre View” by t.Jay featuring Young Joshua, Level 3:16, Corbett, and More!


Our friend and CHH artist t.Jay is releasing a free album this month. Did I hear a whoop??? Check out the tracklisting/production credits as well as the album art below.


Album Title: The Pre View
Artist: t.Jay
Release Date: November 27th, 2012
Where: Free download:


1. Fairytales – Produced by TJ Pompeo and Kevin Tow
2. Tomorrow (feat. Corbett) – Produced by TJ Pompeo and DJ Corbett
3. If I Have To Wait (The Patient Pursuit) – Produced by Christian Arceo and TJ Pompeo 
4. Buy Focals (feat. Young Joshua) – Produced by Julian Council
5. Money Ain’t Everything (feat. Applejaxx) – Produced by Christian Arceo
6. Make It Reign – Produced by Igor Rybchinskiy
7. Lens Crafter (feat. Musixbox) – Produced by Tony “Stone” Shepherd and TJ Pompeo
8. iShadow – Produced by Joe Byrom
9. Remember When? – Produced by TJ Pompeo and DJ Corbett
10. Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Crimson) – Produced by Devon Lewis
11. Far Sighted – Produced by Julian Gramma
12. Hourglass – Produced by TJ Pompeo and Kevin Tow
13. Love – Acoustic Remix (feat. Level 3:16) [Bonus Song] – Produced by TJ Pompeo

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