This article is by Tolulope Akanni
Do you ever wonder why some people shine so well in school and at the end of the day they seem to have been forgotten.  This piece you are reading will expose u to my opinion on this issue.
I keep saying it that if Covenant University graduates will stick together and not seek to shine alone, we’ll go way higher than this.
If u will seek to create a product for Covenant University graduates then you have created a product for every other Nigerian graduate.
Any product within the circle of Covenant University graduates will find its way to unimaginable locations without stress. NACK is one of the strongest brands that has ever grown out of Covenant University; can u see where NACK is today? NACK is all over the UK now
If LESLYZ can buy LaCasera at N85 wholesale price and sell it at N130 in Daniel Hall and we would be rushing, often times queing to buy it then there’s must be something he can do to raise a multibillion dollar global organisation if he will not get distracted by a supposedly ‘juicy’ N3million/annum job opening with GLO.
Why do people end up as local champions?
I see it as a case of unfaithfulness. Spiritual faithfulness might be a major factor but that is not what I’m focusing on at this point in time.
By unfaithfulness I mean ‘not staying true to key fundamental factors that yielded success’ and one of this major factors is relationship.
Growing brands thrive on relationships
Business start-ups thrive on relationship
Tade sells shoes – Alpha collection:
First you buy those shoes because Tade is ur roommate, coursemate, co-service unit member, friend to best friend, or one funny link like that.
Tade releases Omega collection
U ask urself “how was my last buy?”
“I bought it 3months back, I wear it everyday and it still looks fresh”
“it’s a good product, let me buy for a friend”
In other words, your first sale is all about the producer-consumer relationship and subsequent sales thrive on consumer satisfaction derived from the first sale.
Now over time, some entrepreneurs get carried away with expanding producer-consumer relationships i.e. They want to want to have more first-timers enjoying their product and in a bid to achieve that they lose interest in the original first-timers.
In more practical terms now
Tade produces these shoes for CU peeps and after he leaves CU he’s definitely craving to reach out to all other shoe lovers in Lagos.
The best way to do this is to ensure that the CU graduates keep getting these shoes, this way people that have the impression that CU peeps always dress smart will want to wear the kind of shoes they wear, so these grads link those guys up to Tade.
But Tade will not do that, he’s now to busy for his CU customers, who beyond loving his shoes, do have love for him as an individual, his personality and business savvy. They’ve told him “it’s not done that way out there” “the business climate is different” “grow up men, think big, forget those small boys”
Tade will rather go to these bankers as a ‘nobody’ and because they don’t know that the smart looking guy on the 2nd floor has been wearing Tade’s collection for 2yrs running, they don’t see no need to let go off their trusted Guccis and Armanis.
**shaking my head** Success is cheap!!!! Too cheap!
Hence my proposition “if Covenant University graduates will stick together and not seek to shine alone, we’ll go way higher than this.”
I’m already thinking of a Covenant University brand day as I’m writing this. Let’s come together in a brand fair and showcase what we have.
I mentioned BB batteries last week and I just hope and pray someone has caught that fire already and is already doing something about it!
I don’t believe the diary plans will take us anywhere, it’s time to come open with ideas and find people with similar interests to build it with.
I’m bored right now, A-Z hasn’t given me the satisfaction I want as an achiever and it will never do; instead of giving me that satisfaction it has been an eye-opener to the looooong journey ahead. God will never be impressed with a 26chapter, 94 page book…it is how the content of those pages affect mankind that HE is after; so book sales don’t count up there. So I can’t rejoice yet
Mind u, if there was no Jaye Aderounmu, Funso Fasanya, or Modupe Macaulay….there would have been no A-Z Life lessons, so can u now imagine how terrible I will fail if tomorrow comes and I decide to launch into something fresh without counsel from these guys? I dare not do that! They are God’s gift to me. HE will question me if I try such.
When myself, Funeh, Chima, Tanga and Jaye emerged as the ‘TRUMP family’ we know what powerful things we saw ahead what passion sparked us to quit being ordinary, so will I now let go of such company of friends that spur me to think BIG? It will be a destiny-crashing move!
How will I want to organise a mega event now and I will relate with Aniekan, Harry or Adebayo?
There’s something HE has placed in me that the entire world needs to hear.
How will I get such platforms in China if u my friend don’t become the richest investor in the Chinese economy. This is why I pray for my friends on a daily basis; it’s too crowded at the bottom, lets step up!
As u are climbing up push the person on top of u higher, drag up those that are below.
Do me a favour, let’s argue out this opinion of mine if u perceive it as invalid.
Please leave a comment.
You never can tell, synergy might become a course in the next TTG

Tolulope Akanni is the author of A-Z Life Lessons. He is a visionary and dynamic youth with a rare and unique passion sent on a mission to bring out the best in people to the end of seeing men live up to their full capacity. He blogs at


  1. Well said Tolu. My perception of Synergy though was just limited to 2 or more people coming together to reach a common point of a decision that’ll benefit all but I know there should be more to that.
    This idea of yours makes plenty sense but many questions need to be adressed.
    The question is “How many people will want to come out of their shells”?
    I on my own part believe strongly in the CU brand too and I am willing to work hand-in-hand with my guys anyday! God will see us through sha.

  2. Am glad u actuali pointed out dat d fulfillment comes nt in what has been achieved(A-Z) bt more in if it has changed lives n is changing lives. Truly, there’s power in synergy however there r certain challenges to its true manifestation like personal goals,introvertish behaviour n d likes which may tend to discourage the pulling of resources, ideas,strength of will etc… Did u get my txt, lemme knw wat ur intentions are. Keep flying high my brother. Am sure God is the gust of wind beneath ur wings. Ciao, blessed wknd.

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