This issue may not appeal to some individuals; guys who have made up their mind that they can never marry a woman older than they are, and ladies who have made up their mind that they can never marry a man that they are older than…I really wish this wasn’t an issue, but it is due to tradition and whatnot.

It was in College (I think) that this topic first occupied a part of my mind because then, I knew someone who was involved in a relationship whereby the lady was older, and then I started to think whether I could be involved in such a relationship. Personally, I wouldn’t mind; as age won’t be a determinant in my pursuit of getting to know a lady due to my interest in her. Actually, age is one of the last things that I ask…. I wouldn’t want age to be a barrier to obtain what is good in the sight of the Lord, can I get an Amen? But, but, but…if the lady is like…5 years older than I am, then I don’t think I would be able to go forward with everything. This is because my interest would be in a lady who I can physically tell her age range, so basically I won’t be going up to any girl that I think exceeds my personally age limit.

I have identified some reasons why people may not want to be in a relationship whereby the woman is older (I am not an activist for this topic btw LOL):

  • External opinions (what others have to say).
  • Pride maybe?
  • Lack of confidence in the Christ in you.
  • Tradition (LOL).
  • And lots more.

I just think that if these negative factors were out of the way, then a lot of us would be making the right decisions that God wants us to make; because really and truly, decisions in life should be made without negative factors as our trust should be placed in God and not what we can see.

I was talking to a few female friends of mine about this topic, and in the opposition of ladies marrying younger guys, the area of immaturity came up…ladies, I think it is safe to say that every guy has some sense of ‘immaturity’ in him no matter what age, so you can’t exactly run away from that area.

You know, I could go on and on about this because there is a lot to say. What I would say is that let your decisions be based on God and not ‘fear arousing’ factors like what others have to say, etc. If you make decisions based on what others have to say about your life, then you are not going to go very far in life because you’d be stuck in a ‘bondage’. And again, I am not a ‘date older women activist’ LOL, I am just saying this in relation to this topic. Trust in God ladies and gentlemen, and not what you see.

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