In our previous Everyday Heroes section, we profiled Mayowa Adebajo, the young mam behind a new movement called the New Nigerian Spirit. They have a new video out and it won’t be a bad idea if you check it out.

The New Nigeria Spirit is a spirit of change

• The drive to make a difference and move mountains with faith

• The belief that justice should prevail above all, no matter the odds

• The hope that the love for our country Nigeria will bind us together for the general good

• The dependence on our own originality to move our country forward

• The trust in God that our natural creativity will lead us to the promise land

• The passion to curb corruption

• The unquenchable need to restore our African glory

• Not just to restore the glory but with the fear of God move it from glory to glory

• The desire to be proudly African again

• And to be able to stand tall with the greatness and pride known to be uniquely African

• To transform the image of the giant of Africa

We are the New Nigeria

We believe that if change is to come it has to start from within us

We are determined to spread the spirit, mentality, heart and passion so everyone can participate in bringing about the much needed change

We believe that to be the leaders of tomorrow we have to be leaders today.

Change has to start from us. So we start somewhere. We start here.
I am the New Nigeria.

“So help me God.”

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