Can we grow old together?
We would dance and play
We would remember the days
Maybe today
We would laugh
We would laugh a lot
At the beauty of gray and wrinkles
At the beauty of time well spent together
We would try to do the things our bodies would not allow us to do anymore
We would try long walks on the beach
Talking about all that has gone by
We would revisit dinner dates again
Me in my tux
You in your ‘D gown’
We would try the cinema again
We would race back in time with ‘need for speed’ or ‘Grand tourismo 4’
Whichever you pick
Maybe by then you would be able to beat me in the game
We would break the doctor’s rule with a bowl of ice cream and popcorn on our balcony together
We would try ‘Shawarma’ if you are still interested
We could even see ‘a time to remember’ again in a cinema on a December
We would have children and grand children
They would laugh out loud at us
And we laugh out loud at them too
They would wonder why
We would reply ‘yeah, one day you are coming our way too’
It would be fun
Let’s grow old together
Can we?
Now the fun depends on you
And you are holding back all the fun
Say yes and let the fun begin!



  1. This poem “can we grow old together “is really sweet and romantic the writer i would say is a genius thank u for the poem it was and is well received.

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