“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right” – Songs of Solomon 8:4Now love surpasses the physical…duh! But seriously though, the idea that we should not awaken love till the appropriate time is something that sounds do old school now. I was watching a movie a while ago and in one scene a guy was trying to ask a girl out, and in that conversation she said something like “I don’t sleep with a guy till the third date”. And I’m sitting in my chair thinking Oh my gosh! What happened to the world? It’s like saying that sex is a packaged deal “hey 3 dates and get lucky”. So of course sex loses its value and meaning.

Allow me to get biblical for a minute. The first “command” that God gives man is “be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it…” Now in order for that to happen He designed sex so that man could fulfill that command. So in its true and original form, sex is an intimate thing between husband and wife. p.s.: It’s not supposed to be a drag, there’s pleasure involved.

Think about this! Sex was designed for married people who are already bound together by a vow, and so they already agree to share in everything – including their personal issues. In fact those two have become one. This is the part people don’t get. When you have sex with someone, you lose a part of yourself to them and you gain something from them – and sometimes that could an STD. So for every man or woman that you have sex with, a part of them stays with you and vice versa. That’s why sometimes people develop an attraction or stay bound to others and they can’t seem to let go; it’s like you’re tied. Guess what buddy? It’s the you in them that compels you towards them.

It’s not about getting laid or getting lucky; seriously get a grip on yourself. It’s about experiencing intimacy and pleasures the right kind of way and with whom God designed. And really once you start it’s hard to stop; it’s like Pandora’s Box, once you take a peek you can’t hit undo. Passion is easiest to stir up, but without intimacy and commitment it isn’t worth a dime. Don’t take on baggage that you don’t have to, don’t make the unnecessary necessary.

That cute stranger with the megawatt smile may be battling inner demons that you have no idea about; you don’t have to go snooping around. Save that for a real commitment – marriage.

In truth it’s easier said than done. I mean sex is commercialized today you could buy it of the street if you wanted. But think about it, God designed it for a reason and He knew when and how it would be best. Let it sleep for now and when the time is right awaken it and experience it the best way ever; with intimacy, love and surrender…it’ll bring you two closer 😉


The married are those who have taken the terrible risk of intimacy and, having taken it, know life without intimacy to be impossible – Carolyn Heilbrun


  1. Wonderful post. I like your bravery to speak out. I agree, intimacy on that level is reserved for the marriage bed. I believe also the pleasure is worth the wait. But most of all, it is the joy of obedience that makes waiting a wonderful thing. 🙂 Thanks for this post :d

  2. This message has really blessed me.
    Thanks for sharing. This is what most young ladies should read.
    Even if u’ve been goin the wrong way, its neva too late to be right.
    Thanks again.

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