Artist – Britt Nicole
Album- The Lost Get Found
Label- Sparrow records
Street date-
Album length- 11 tracks. 38.4 minutes.
Genre- Electronic Pop/ Pop
IPod Pick- Hanging On

A number of times we forget what we’ve been called for in God’s vineyard as Christians. That is the message that was so heavy on Britt’s mind while recording the first single from this album. ‘Don’t be afraid to stand out . . . that’s how the lost get found’ she sings on the title track. Britt has a way of combining sweet melodies with messages from the heart of God without sounding too corny. On her latest release (lost get found) she does that and more, this time no rock but pop.
She reminds us of the surety of God’s word on ‘hanging on’ and also the providence and faithfulness of our heavenly father on ‘have your way’. She also sings to a lonely friend ‘every time you feel alone put on your headphones . . . on’ headphones’. ‘Walk on water’ is a song that encourages us to take hold of the provision we have in Christ to overcome our struggles. ‘Feel the light’ would soon be that cool song you long to listen every now and then, an all time favorite.
One thing is sure; there is no dull moment on this 30 something minute CD. If you have a flair for the breathy vocals of Britney spears and the head-nodding beat of Lady Gaga, a better option with a message of hope and salvation is Britt’s latest, “The lost get found”.


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