This is a new initiative that was inspired by the 3rd of October meeting of YWAP Lagos. The idea behind this project is simple: Be the change you want to see. To this end, we at Yada are starting the #iamchange project.
This is how it works.
1. List out 50 things you as an individual can do to make Nigeria a better place to live in.

2. Log on to twitter, and for 50 days post an item on your list on twitter followed by the hashtag #iamchange

3. After your 50 days cycle is complete, send a detailed report on your experience and it will be published on the Yada site .

For example: if number 3 on my list is “I promise not to throw litters on the floor”, I’ll simply log on to twitter on the third day and type” Today, I promise not to throw litters on the floor #iamchange”

Its simple, it is fun and it sparks a desire to see and act the change we want in Nigeria.

So guys are you ready… Let us get-a-tweetin’

Ps: if you are not Nigerian, you could do the same for your country and send us a report. We will post it also.

God bless Nigeria!


  1. I love this, nice strategy of making individuals bring out the best in them and put them to practice. Keep it up. God bless you all.

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