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Have you heard about The Grace Factor?


It’s the thing that makes ordinary people with a thousand faults worthy of been used by a Perfect and Holy God.


Strange huh?


I think the reason why the most consistent definition of Grace has been “unmerited favour” is that no one has ever been able to understand the concept of GRACE.


Why would a Holy God love a sinful world so much that he would send His son to die for the salvation of their souls?


WAIT! He does not stop there


If I were God, I would create a list of obligations that everyone must complete before they can earn salvation. Abi? It is weird that all God asks of us is simple and captured in two words; Only Believe. Just believe and that eternal life you desire would be yours.


COOL YOUR BLOOD! He does not stop there.


Yes, you have salvation and when you die, you get to go to Heaven. You would think that is enough for a reward. Not to God. He makes you His child, his own through this grace of a concept. Then, he elevates you and in the blink of an eye, you are seated in Heavenly places. WAIT! Not just seated at the pearly gates on a chair made of gold and most definitely not by the Crystal Lake at Heaven’s park but seated at the Right Hand side of God with Jesus.




OK. So there is more. You would think having salvation and becoming a child of God would be enough. You would think that been seated at the right hand side of God is reward enough. Abi, you don get guaranteed spot for Heave wen u die. However, God does not stop there. He gives us ALL earthly and spiritual blessings. He restores us to our original state and we have dominion over everything. Does “whatever you bind on earth, you bind in heaven” sound familiar?


The deal is I could go on and on and show you various ways that God’s grace is made manifest in our lives. The way we cannot wrap our mind around God’s love for us is also the way we cannot understand why He shows us unlimited grace. We cannot understand why He shows us so much love and mercy and gives us power to do the impossible. This grace is an amazing gift from an amazing God. It makes me ask, “Who am I that you are mindful of me? Who am I that I share the same spot with Jesus, above the all the heavenly beings? Who am I? I would also love to add here that enjoying the full benefits of grace comes from accepting Jesus as your saviour, believing that he saved you through His death and resurrection and loving Him with all your heart, soul and might. Its only when you love him with your everything that you can obey Him and do you know the cool thing, He will give you grace to love and obey Him. What an awesome God!


I want to encourage you to be a grace junkie today. You will experience things you never knew you could and you would have your heaven on earth.


by Harry Itie


  1. Grace is one of the most underestimated messages, meanwhile it is one of God’s biggest gifts to us. People say if you talk radically about grace you’re encouraging sin, but what they don’t know is that to whom much is forgiven, that one loves God the most. No one will willingly sin against someone who loves them so much and who’s sacrificed a lot for them. The more grace we have, the more we’re grateful. I am extremely grateful that I am not judged by my imperfections but by the righteousness of Christ. Great post.

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