I was taking my daily walk today, and as always I was talking to myself. In the course of the conversation ( call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s a monologue, lol), I started thinking about the Gospel (is there a day I don’t?) and I was just stunned by this analogy. So, here goes:
Let’s assume the Gospel is a gorgeously attractive lady (adjectives fail me!) and I am a suitor. This would be the representation of us as a couple:
I tried looking for a real life couple, but the filters on my computer are not filtering anything, ya dig? But anyways, moving on to my analogy.
There are folks who see the gospel as attractive only in the light of a night stand. See, the deal is that we are all immigrants on this planet (think illegal immigrants), and we need to be citizens, yeah? Most illegal immigrants devise a plan and “marry” a citizen ok, in order to attain citizenship. Usually, the “marriage” doesn’t last. This is because LOVE is not in most cases the motivating factor for the Union.
Now, what does this have to do with the Gospel? Need I say more? Most folks approach the gospel only for the sake of attaining citizenship. They think they can trick the Bureau of Citizenship/Immigration but it’s crazy and somewhat detrimental to the eventual end of the person since the one who governs the Bureau is All-Knowing, even being able to discern motives and thoughts. That is scary!!! So, what this people do is see the gospel for one time, and decide to find other means by which they can benefit themselves. In reality, their citizenship status which they think they’ve gained is just a fluke. It’s somewhat sad they get to find this out in the end.
But me, on the other hand, when I found out how beautiful the gospel is, I decided to put a ring on her. It was love at first dis. She dissed me, and made me know fully well how ugly I was. I didn’t like that, but I love her because she was honest with me. All the others I was with before her told me I was alright….and I believed that lie for the longest. See, I won’t lie, there have been a lot of times that I’ve been unfaithful to her, I’ve even detested her, and decided to seek comfort in the arms of the others. They are the ones who are buxom: the ones we call the real women. They have the curves, and full figures. They are attractive, and they flatter  (not genuine comments like my wife makes). Sometimes I give in, and it is only when we have unclothed ourselves that I sooner find out that the big rear that attracted me was nothing but butt-pads; and the breasts I found pleasure in were nothing but silicone enhancements. Then I cry, and go back home (sometimes hesitantly) to my bride; and she is always there at the front door…she takes off my pants which now reeks of semen and she hand washes them. It breaks my heart!!!! She is much  more faithful….way more than I could ever be.
I don’t run back because I feel entitled or deserving…I run back because her love for me is never explainable. Sometimes, I’m the one contemplating divorce. “There are way loyal, and much  more handsome men out there who will treat you the way you deserve….”, and she cuts me off every time. “You don’t get it, I LOVE YOU”
I’m married to her, and she’s helped me sort out my weaknesses over time. And I know that we ought to bear children, but for a while, I’ve been impotent….and also been mostly scared cause I didn’t want to give birth to kids who would resemble me. Through thick or thin, I have no desire to leave her; she’s way precious that just  seeing her as a one night affair…or as simply as a means for me to gain citizenship. Love is the motivating factor!!!
This article was written by Ayokunle Falomo. He blogs at The Rhymo-Journalist’s Den. You can follow him on twitter at @aeWHYoh 
Image from thelatterdays.blogspot.com

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