The reliability of the Bible and the relevance of this old yet best-selling text will be discussed at Lifetree Café community forums from coast to coast during the week of July 29, 2012.

The Lifetree event, titled “The Bible: Real? Relevant? Reliable?” features a filmed interview with Eugene Peterson, author of the best-selling paraphrase of the Bible called The Message.

“The Message has caused some controversy in the Christian community because of its use of common language,” says Lifetree Café representative Craig Cable. “Even the interview with Peterson evokes controversy with his views on the role and purpose of the Bible in the lives of contemporary individuals.”

According to Peterson, people in his church “knew the Bible really well, but all they wanted to do was study it. After a few years of that, I thought they’re not living any differently.”

Lifetree Café is a national network of venues where people gather for conversation about life and faith in a casual coffeehouse-type setting.

Lifetree Café locations and times may be found at

See an excerpt of the video interview with Eugene Peterson,


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