It was a friend’s 21st birthday yesterday for which I received an invite via Facebook like 3 week prior to the date. I am currently in the midst of heavy workload in university so the birthday celebration kind of slipped my mind, and I wasn’t reminded about it till I got home in the evening from the library and one of my housemates reminded me, so me and him (my housemate) decided to dress up and then leave.This wasn’t like a ‘big’ party by the way; it was a mini house party; I had a rough idea of what the party was going to be like, and I knew the kind of people that were likely to attend

My housemate and I got there and greeted the people (only girls) who were there and just chilled waiting for the birthday girl to come downstairs. The girls in attendance were kind of scantily dressed; I’m talking about short dresses, mini skirts, low cut tops, stockings, you name it, but I thank God for the level of control I have in terms of resisting temptation, etc, so I was…cool, and so was my housemate. I really just thank God for salvation. I know like 5 or more years ago, my mind would have been running wild and I would have probably acted on the thoughts I was having, who knows, but now things are so much more different and I am forever thankful.

My housemate and I grabbed a plate to eat, talked with some of the girls (on a friendly basis) and you know… just relaxed and stuff and then the birthday girl comes down and we sing and greet her, etc, and we just carrying on chilling. I think it got to a point where the girls knew the kind of guys my housemate and I were (guys that don’t do rubbish (by His grace), guys that respect women, etc), especially since some of them knew us from previous gatherings, so that just made our minds more rest assured.

Due to the work God has done in me, I was respectful enough to not disrespect the girls and think of them as subjects or lust after them when they are not my wife. I was proud of myself, and I thank God for my housemate who I am able to confide in and just talk about thins with…you now…that brotherly type relationship. I am definitely not perfect, but I know God is.
It was quite a funny experience too because it got to a point where my housemate and I were conversing in Yoruba so that the girls would not know what were saying LOL. But a lesson that I learnt from the last article in this column is that we shouldn’t play with our salvation, and if you know a certain environment will have certain characteristics or features that can lead you to falling into sin, then it is a good thing if you avoid it. Be real with yourself.

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