Shirts are like the most common clothing items in the world (very obvious), but it’s potential beauty tends to be overlooked. Not to say that they are not beautiful, but my statement is in relation to the ways that it can be worn and styled, rather than the usual buttoned up look, or just the normal ‘first button down’ look.

I have gained very useful knowledge of how normal shirts can be worn stylishly, and most of the time it depends your body shape and size, but if you do try these styles and you pull it off well, then go for it! However, I would advise that if for example you have a protruding stomach, maybe fitted shirts shouldn’t be worn perhaps?

Here are some examples of stylish shirts or just stylishly wearing a shirt:

  • Oversize shirts tucked in into a pair of relatively fitted or slim chinos, jeans or something, and then slightly rolling up the sleeves or even fully till they reach above the elbows.
  • Camp shirts with a few buttons unbuttoned
  • the buttoned up look; which has been trending for some time now.
  • Fitted dress shirts
  • Adventurous poet shirts
  • Big shirts that can be worn without tucking them in and then wearing a t shirt underneath to display
  • Shirts with some sort of embroidery
  • Granddad shirts are also personal favourites.

There are some factors that add to ‘the look’ that a shirt gives individuals. These factors range from the material of the shirt (is it a droopy material or a highly stiff one?), the fitting (for example, purchasing a fitted shirt but in a large size could end up looking awkward), length of the shirt, colour, etc. An advice to anyone is to assess a shirt and have a vision of how it can be worn before purchasing it. Check out the photos to help illustrate these points.










Article by Rotimi Ariwoola

Images from Things I Like Blog


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