Being a self proclaimed ‘fashionisto’ and being told by many others, I have learnt a lot from the time I got into fashion till now. One of the things I sub consciously learnt is the art of making an outfit fashionably casual, trendy and in some way creative. I discovered this during my current year of university; I don’t live too far from my university so dressing up to go to lectures like others who live far, was a bit too much for me, and I definitely did not want to just wear hoodies and tracksuit bottoms everyday.

I find it really cool how for example, a formal and smart clothing item like a blazer can be worn or styled in a casual manner; maybe by rolling up the sleeves, pairing it with a long sleeve shirt or buttoning down a shirt, wearing it with a vest, wearing it with snickers/trainers, etc. it’s a really cool thing.

Dressing casual isn’t just inclusive of wearing a t shirt and jeans; you could wear more or even less, and look fashionably casual.  You cant exactly dismiss the usual t shirt and jeans, but you could spice up the look a bit by rolling the arms of the sleeves a bit, tucking in the t shirt, rolling up the jeans a tad bit, etc. Here a few photos to make sense of the above text.




Pictures from Things I Like Blog

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