Since it is still the ‘season’  of Valentines, there is quite a lot to think about… even in the absence of the Valentines period. I came across a video on Youtube of Myles Munroe preaching in a Singles (individuals without partners) conference and he said quite a lot of things that touched my Spirit LOL. Part of the things he said were what I already knew and what I was already working on, but he dwelt more on certain topics which I think are important for those who are single to know.

He mentioned something about having your own personal relationship with God before entering into a relationship/courtship.  Part of this reason has to do with the fact that our lives are between us individually and God, and when it comes to being judged at the end of the day…it doesn’t concern anyone else.

These are some of my thoughts and opinions; I would like to be close with God solely and then enter a relationship so there would be a constant source of goodness that would take place in the relationship to enable it to grow and flourish. This is also part of being a man. I mean… I’m not declaring it is wrong to not do this….but it is rather dumb if you don’t when you think about it. I feel like sometimes too much baggage is brought into a relationship sometimes and in order for no one to get hurt, it’s best you sort them out with God first.

I was in a relationship a while back and it didn’t work out, and I can honestly say it is because I still had some issues…and she did too. Not that you can ever become perfect, but I still feel at that period, I didn’t have that relationship with God where it was just like…me and Him alone. We all need to be God-conscious and flee from acting out of emotions sometimes. I am wiser now anyway…and this is due to God working in me thoroughly.

So peeps, use your ‘single’  era of your life wisely, and start to build. This might be slightly random, but one of my ‘fantasies’ is to one day probably walk into me and my wife’s room and seeing her on her knees praying to God…that just brings a smile to my face…I hope you guys don’t think I’m weird, but what is my own? Lol! One of the things I admire about a woman is her devotion to God; which attracts me greatly. Peace out!

By Rotimi Ariwoola


  1. WORD!……I think a mistake most singles,including the believers make is to depend wholly on their feelings and emotions.The most frustrating part is when they have gone too far in love to even realise the God factor.May God help us to love him more…and love him first.

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