There are so many reasons to be happy.

Have you looked at life from that perspective before? Have you looked at it with the view that you are actually blessed and that there is so much to be grateful to God for?

Today makes it over a week since we launched the Yada site and I realized that ever since the site was launched, I have been putting my self under unnecessary pressure. I realized I had not taken time out to bless God for this amazing blessing. I had not taken out time to enjoy the amazing thing God is doing in Yada. Well that is going to change.

This week, I am going to enjoy every moment of my life. I am going to be happy, and burst with exceeding joy. There are so many reasons to be happy; I got an amazing God who loves me, I have amazing family and friends and also I have you. You have a busy schedule but you have decided to read this.

What are the little things you need to be happy about? Think about it? And I’ll be back next week.

Have an amazing week ahead.




  1. Hmmm…. Being alive is one sure thing to be grateful for. Being able to open up my eyes just as my alarm rings out loud,that is indeed a miracle. Having a job and being an asset and not a liability in that establishment is another great reason to be happy…. Expression of gratitude goes a long way. True happiness can only be experienced when one’s source is God and God alone.

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