Nigerian Blogger of the year, Myne Whitman gives the ladies six genuine reasons why marraige should be an option in any relationship. Myne is happily married and resides in the United States.

1 – Being a better person in so many ways.
Partners who are smart, honest and share their opinions and outlook with their spouses will improve them. They will challenge you on so many levels and this will bring out the best in you. There are the sayings that two heads are better than one and about iron sharpening iron, and they are true in a marriage. Spiritually, intellectually and all of the other -allys considered, the only way is up. Being married grounds you in a different way from just taking care of yourself. This is even more so when the children begin to come. You learn one of the best attributes of life, self sacrifice and commitment.

2- Being much happier and healthier.
When you marry a person you are compatible with, the chances are very high that you’ll be happier than you were when you were single. No man is an island. Most of us have been biologically and socially engineered to want a partner. This desire when attained will in the right conditions continue to yield fruits of happiness. Apart from that is the matter of spending lots of time with someone who cares for you, and who makes you happy. This is a major boost to your self esteem and will probably spill over to other aspects of your life, making you take more joy out of things you may not had even considered otherwise. Statistics have shown that this happiness translates to better health for married people and may even contribute to them living longer lives.

3 – Having better and more sex
Yes you can quote me on this one, lol. There are also statistics to back me up. Most single people get little or no sex, especially when they are abstaining or are not in relationships. Even when hooked up, because relationships which do not quickly lead to marriage tend to break up after a while, many singletons experience long dry spells with no sex. This is not the case when married. While you may not make love every day of every week, you do get your regular doses and lovemaking being one of those activities that gets better with practice; you will definitely see an improvement and more enjoyment with time as you both learn each other, your likes and your dislikes.

4 – Being more attractive
Married people tend to take more care with their appearances, not just to please their spouses but because of the boost that comes with being happier and getting regular doses of the chemicals released when someone has lots of sex. Anecdotes abound of men who say they begin to get hit on by women after they get married and the same goes for women. You are cleaner, take more care of yourself, begin to use the appropriate hygiene products you may have disregarded in the past and possibly you are also trying to keep fit and in shape at the local gym or in quality time with your spouse.

5 – Being married to the father of your children
Let’s be honest here and tell ourselves the truth. There may be so many other ways and circumstances in which to have children and bring them up these days but experts still agree that the best way is in households with two parents in a committed relationship. There is a special joy in working together with a spouse to raise your children, the shared highs and lows, the pains and happiness, knowing that these offspring are from both of you and that if one is not there, the other would do any and everything humanly possible to take care of those children.

6 – Having better financial benefits and increased earning power.
When you look at it from the big picture, it is cheaper to cook for more than one, ditto for air-tickets, hotel rooms, and apartments. Houses cost the same no matter how many people live in it, you get the general idea. Look at it this way; you are pooling resources together with your spouse and in some cases, getting an extra income into your household.

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