The awe-inspiring Audrey Assad shares with Imbue Magazine amazing details about herself. In a transparent and revealing interview Audrey discusses her decision to switch from being a Protestant to being a Catholic as well as her growth as an artist and a person. On her switch to being a catholic, Audrey explained by stating “There were a lot of reasons, but I can give you one; I came to believe in the Catholic Church’s teaching about Christ being physically present in the Eucharist. I couldn’t stay away from that once I believed it was true

Audrey Assad cover

This issue also features a couple of astounding gospel artistes like the beautiful Moriah Peters, Nikki Laoye, The legendary Andrae Crouch and Rasine Brown amongst others.

The issue hits newsstands October 1.

The Editor expresses delight on a new light of Imbue Magazine as she elucidates. “Our routine segments are as splendid as ever featuring the most interesting album reviews, artiste reviews, shoplists and fashion posts. Just name it and we’ll readily bring the best to the table. Awesome much! Comprehensive lists on some of the coolest topics you can think on are also incorporated into this issue. I personally hope you can draw on the superb piece on sexual attraction, yes you read it right and I sincerely hope you find it tremendously helpful. Without doubt, you’ll find this issue a delightful read and a definite proof to the Hurricane Imbue which has indeed commenced


Imbue Entertainment Limited, a registered Christian publication and broadcast company and a partner of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) West Africa. Our aim is to pose and play a preceding role in the gospel entertainment industry in a drive to help achieve the purpose of man which is worship. Our most rewarding goal is to influence the world (especially youths) positively through spirit inspired music, events and literature.


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