Every day begins with a single breath, the flutter of eyelids and we are suddenly aware of another day. Activity after activity we struggle to keep up with the demands of each day, hoping to accomplish something tangible before its curtains down and the moon replaces the sun. A range of emotions plague us, we’re stressed one moment happy the next frustrated, angry, depressed, ecstatic… sometimes all at once! Minute after minute our favourite line emerges… ‘it’s complicated’ *chuckle* if I had a penny for every time I’ve said that…  truth is it really isn’t that complicated, well not enough to pull your hair out over. Every mountain like stack of cards can fall apart if we take it apart from the bottom; one card can send it all crashing down. When we get down to the basics it really isn’t so complicated, dealing with primary issues eliminate spin offs and in the end the mountain was just another molehill we blew up. When it’s all said and done life isn’t as complicated as we claim… question is what are we looking through? If our lens is broken of course we’ll see life as some jumbled complicated mess…

Many days make up a lifetime…

What do you see today?




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