I still wonder what my role in society is today, what exactly is considered the best path; a career woman or a good ol’ housewife. I opt for career woman – that sounds more interesting (don’t look at me like you don’t think it too) – plus it actually pays bills, gives a good impression and supports the thesis ‘what a man can do a woman can also do and maybe even a little better’. However, in my quest to build a successful career I have found a gaping hole in society…. Where are our mothers?  I see day-care after day-care expanding as children are dropped of daily before they hit age two, and then move on to primary and secondary boarding schools and I’m left wondering…

God must’ve created women different from men for a reason… because they are different. Their responsibilities are different. Now, before I have any feminist picking up placards and protesting to the point I’m trying to make, let me first state here that this does not by any means mean we cannot do the same things men can and maybe even more; the question is should we? I am a firm believer that God  never sends us where His grace cannot keep us so His anointing and grace is released from within us as we walk His path and do His will whether it be home only or career too. But really though Where are our mothers who mold society and become huge references for their children’s success? Now we have a lot of half-baked individuals who never really got to hear all the proverbs from our grandmothers, who never really saw love so fail to understand it, who never really got to know that there is much dignity in labor and integrity is worth more than rubies even when it seemingly doesn’t payoff. Needy men meet needy women and so divorce rates soar. Character is ignored and so corruption becomes a norm.

As a round peg searching for that round hole I must answer the question ‘What have I been called to be?’ Only a creator can state in detail the purpose of his creation. Whatever His purpose is for me there will be accompanying grace to accomplish my purpose and functions. I realized I spent too much time trying to figure out which is better – a man or a woman, a career woman or a house wife – but in the end what really matters is, what did God have in mind? We might be different but in spirit we are same; created from God… we just manifest, are assigned and function in different ways, just as the same God is Jesus and the same God is the Holy Spirit, but  still same; so also some are women others men. He created me woman and that’s the best me. I do not need to prove to anyone that I can do their job better, faster or smarter. I will do my job by His grace play my own part in this play as we inch closer to the final act. This gaping hole will finally shrink as we realize we are different because we are different. Everyone is not a toe or a finger but we are all important in creating harmony and birthing a wholesome society.



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    Hehe…. Smashing piece. Who wrote this?? Gosh… Genius.

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