Sharefaith, a leading church worship, media and website provider is currently offering a one month crossover sale, June 2012, giving churches the ability to switch from their current website or hosting provider to a new discounted Sharefaith website. The sale, which begins June 2012 and ends on June 30, enables churches to switch from a high cost, low quality website to a low cost, high quality church website solution.

“It’s hard for churches to switch web providers, since they’ve already put so much effort into building a website with their current web solution. However, when you calculate the premium cost you are paying for limited services, hosting, and maintenance, you quickly realize that your money is not well spent. There is a better, more cost-effective solution that maintains a premium edge! It has always been Sharefaith’s mission to provide cutting edge, budget minded church media and web solutions that enable churches to have the best, without paying a premium price,” says Hein van Wyk, Sharefaith’s CEO and President.

The proof is in the pudding. With over 2,300 churches switching to Sharefaith websites in a little less than 10 months since its launch, Sharefaith websites are quickly becoming the budget minded, high quality web solution for ministries around the world.

What is Needed to Have a Sharefaith Website?
In order to have a Sharefaith website, a church first needs a Sharefaith membership ($126.65/y), plus a hosting plan ($19.99/m or 179.88/year) for a total of $306.53 per year. If a church already has a domain name, they can simply point it to their new Sharefaith church website at no cost! A new domain name costs $18.99.

What Is Included in a Sharefaith Membership?

  • 40 premium church website templates that can be switched out as often as preferred, at no extra cost
  • Free lifetime telephone or email support
  • Thousands of premium website graphics and widgets
  • 50,000 worship media templates such as PowerPoints, bulletins, flyers, newsletters, videos, loops, backgrounds, countdown timers and clipart
  • 24GB storage space
  • 2,000 dedicated email addresses (e.g.,
  • Online tithing, calendars, audio players, and podcasting
  • Live on-site editing
  • Integrated on-site banner editor
  • Unlimited pages and sub-pages
  • No ads
  • Biweekly free updates, add-ons and improvements
  • Multi-user editing. Assign specific pages to specific people to edit.
  • Password-protected pages
  • Massive savings of time and money

How Does a Church Get Started?
Simply visit “Build a Church Website” on Read the instructions, and click on the SIGNUP button. In the coupon code area, simply paste the following coupon “web30offsale”. This will provide an instant 30% savings. Navigate back to the “Build a Church Website” link, pick a template, click on the “build-it” button and simply choose a hosting plan. It’s quick and easy!

Having been described as the “golden egg” of church media providers, Sharefaith continues to bridge the gap between technology and churches, helping over 20,000 ministries communicate with relevance.

Give Sharefaith a call today at 888-317-4018 or visit our website at


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